Best Places to Visit in Palmer, Alaska

Musk Ox Farm

The Musk Ox Farm is a non-profit farm that offers educational tours. The farm is home to musk oxen and has a unique gift shop. Tours can be tailored to your interests. Visitors can also take part in a musk ox breeding program.

This farm is located about 45 miles north of Anchorage. You can get there by taking the Glenn Highway, which is part of Alaska 1. Take the Alaska 1 E exit and head toward Palmer and Glennallen. Two miles past Palmer, turn left on Archie Rd. The farm will be on your left. The farm is open seven days a week and tours are available daily.

The farm is also a great place to spend Mother’s Day. The farm is open for free admission on Mother’s Day, and guests can get free flowers and musk oxen gifts for their moms. In addition, there are a number of events and concerts held at the farm throughout the year. The Musk Ox Farm is the perfect place for a concert, and you can enjoy some of the most spectacular sounds anywhere. Other events at the farm include fiber arts classes, wildlife talks, and author readings.

If you have a love for animals, you should visit the Musk Ox Farm, a nonprofit farm in Palmer, Alaska. This farm is dedicated to domesticating the musk ox, a prehistoric animal native to the Arctic. This animal produces qivieut fiber, which is nine times warmer than cashmere. The farm is also home to a gift shop where you can buy musk ox wool and other items made from the fiber.

The Colony House Museum is another great place to visit in Palmer. This original 1930s farmhouse is full of artifacts and stories about the life of an early Alaskan farmer. The museum also offers guided tours. There are eight rooms in the museum and you can listen to the stories of the early settlers.

You can also enjoy the beautiful gardens of Palmer. They grow fruits, vegetables and flowers on the farm. The farm also has a museum that gives visitors information about the local area.

Reindeer Farm

A visit to the Reindeer Farm is a unique experience that allows visitors to interact with farm animals up close. A tour is led by the farm’s owner, and includes a walk through the farm and an ATV ride up a butte. Visitors are able to feed the reindeer and play farm games, while getting close to these friendly creatures.

The Reindeer Farm is a great place for families to enjoy an afternoon. A tour is available every day. The farm is also a great place to celebrate the fall and winter seasons. During fall, you can see baby reindeer and pumpkins and go for a tractor pulled wagon ride. The farm is also an ideal place to celebrate the holiday season with holiday celebrations and pumpkin picking.

Another fun place to visit is the Musk Ox Farm. This farm features fascinating exhibits and a unique gift shop. There’s also the Palmer Rail Trail, or Palmer-Moose Creek Railroad Trail, which takes hikers through beautiful forested areas. The trail is 13 miles long, and offers hikers a relaxing experience while observing seldom-visited sights. A horseback ride is another great way to enjoy the scenic views.

Reindeer Farm is an agritourism attraction that opened in 1987. The farm is home to a herd of around 100 reindeer. It also has other animals, such as a Rocky Mountain Elk, Moose, and Yak. The farm is open to the public and visitors can hand-feed the reindeer in their pens. You can also take a guided tour of the farm.

The Mat-Su Valley is surrounded by mountains, and Palmer is a great place to take in the views. The Mat-Su Valley is home to many ranches and farms, and is the perfect place to experience Alaskan rural life. The city is also a great stopover for visitors who are planning to visit the rest of the state. Whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation, or a quiet retreat, Palmer offers something for everyone.

Another fun place to visit in Palmer is the Knik Glacier. During the summer, the Knik Glacier is open for tours. This tour starts with a four-wheel-drive ride to the glacier. From there, you can take a boat tour to get closer to the glacier. The tour is 75 minutes long, and includes time spent at the glacier.

Colony House Museum

If you’re looking for things to do in Palmer, Alaska, the Colony House Museum is an excellent choice. The museum features a collection of artifacts from the first settlement in the area. The museum also has a visitor center and gardens. The visitor center serves as an educational center and features a collection of local plants and flowers. It also offers complimentary maps.

The museum is located in a classic log cabin building. A collection of artifacts, photos, documents, and local histories makes this museum a rich resource. Its exhibits showcase the area’s rich history and a variety of colonist families.

Another must-visit in Palmer is the Matanuska Brewery. It has a small tasting room, but plans to expand it soon. You can also visit the Shear Fire Beauty School and Salon. The beauty school also offers beauty services and hair treatments to students and teachers. In addition, you can visit the local vegetable farms during the summer. Bushes Bunches is an excellent place to sample local produce.

The Palmer Historical Society also owns the Colony House Museum. This original house was built in 1935 and is a great place to see the early life of a colonist family. Various artifacts and furnishings from this time period will help visitors to visualize what life was like for a colonist family. The museum also has special events and celebrations. In December, it holds Colony Christmas and Colony Days, celebrating the first settlers in the area.

The Palmer Museum is another interesting place to visit in Palmer. The museum was originally a farmhouse in the Palmer settlement. It features artifacts from the early days of Palmer. It also has a lecture hall and cafe. Visiting the museum is free for military personnel and their families.

The city is also home to the Alaska state fair, one of the largest in the state. You can take a 30-minute flight over the Knik Glacier, which is located right in the center of Palmer. From the air, you can also see the beautiful Chugach Mountains. And, of course, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy for days. You can also visit the Reindeer Farm, which has a variety of rides, a hay maze, and a wooden construction site. There are even bouncy castles.

Lazy Mountain trail

One of the best places to visit in Palmer is Lazy Mountain, located a few miles north of town. This trail is a great way to get some fresh air and to hike up a challenging mountain. This trail begins at 700 feet and winds its way up through the woods and meadows to the summit. It also has stunning views of the Matanuska Valley.

You’ll also find a variety of places to relax in Palmer. The city has an extensive visitor center with exhibits and gardens. It also features an outdoor farmer’s market every Friday, which is a great way to sample some local crafts and foods.

You can also take a hiking tour of Palmer’s reindeer farm, where you’ll find hundreds of reindeer that have been bred for various purposes. This is a great place to get close to the gentle animals and play with them. Reindeer Farm offers a day-trip for families and features a self-guided tour, petting reindeer, and VIP tours.

Another great outdoor activity is hiking the Lazy Mountain trail, which rises over three hundred feet in less than two miles. The first half of the trail travels through a forest of aspen, spruce, and cottonwoods, while the second half winds its way across alpine tundra. From the summit, you’ll have a panoramic view of the Knik River and the Matanuska River.

You can stay at one of the many hotels in Palmer. These accommodations will fit your travel needs and help you have the best trip possible. Make sure to choose the right hotel, one that suits your budget and the goals of your trip. A great hotel can provide pet-friendly accommodations, free breakfast, or a gym.

The Lazy Mountain trail is a 2.5 mile long hiking trail. It is a bit more difficult than the shorter Lazy Moose Trail, but offers the best views of the surrounding area.

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