Facebook Messenger Bot – What is it and How Does it Work?

Facebook Messenger Bots (a.k.a Facebook bot) are an artificial intelligence system which uses artificial intelligence to converse naturally with humans. They started out on Facebook as a private tool but today they are in many of the popular chat programs like Facebook chat, Facebook Fanpage, Facebook messenger and several others. The original Facebook bot was very basic and made of a text based interface with no graphics or visual effects. Today’s advanced Bots have high-end graphic capabilities, image thumbnails, high quality voice recording, and a lot more features. Bots on messenger are very useful tools to use in business to give customers a personalized experience.

facebook messenger bot

Why should you use a Facebook bot on messenger? There are several advantages of using a bot on facebook messenger. First, Bots are very easy to program and create for ease of use. Second, it gives potential customers a personal experience of your real person. You are actually talking to someone, not only sending a mass message to millions of people, but getting a real response. For instance, if you were trying to market a whole foods store, a simple facebook bot could research what whole foods are all about, how they’re sold, who is buying, etc.

However, bots on messenger can be dangerous. If used maliciously by spammers or hackers, they can delete or change millions of messages per minute, sending them to spammers’ and hackers’ accounts. Also, bot programs often send out mass messages which can also contain viruses. Bots can also give out important information about the company, such as wrong product numbers, or employee names and email addresses.

Can I still sell my products using a facebook messenger bot? Yes, you can still sell your products through facebook messenger bot. Bots can access facebook messenger’s backend system and connect to thousands of customers at the same time. But a bot’s functionality and efficiency is limited to connecting to a few thousand customers every month, as compared to a facebook representative having access to over a million customers each month.

Is there an opt-in option in my Facebook messenger app? Currently, there is no opt-in option available in the Facebook Messenger app for third party marketers. But Facebook plans to include more opt-in options for their third party marketers in the future. In the future, we may see an opt-in option similar to the one offered on Facebook ads.

Can I use manychats to build my brand? Yes, you can use manychats to build your brand. A facebook business page with many chats is like having multiple brand channels. You can use facebook apps for marketing, build partnerships, and even go live and broadcast to many chat viewers in a single channel for maximum impact.

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