Places to Visit in River Forest, Illinois

If you are planning a trip to River Forest, Illinois, you have many places to visit. You can visit the History Museum, a waterfowl management area, or even a public library. Whether you have a group of friends or a family vacation, you will find a lot to do and see here.


The River Forest Museum houses a variety of artifacts, natural history specimens, objects, and research. These collections are made accessible to the public through exhibitions and educational programs. Depending on the mission and audience, a River Forest museum may focus on a wide range of disciplines, or it may serve a niche audience.

One of the oldest museums in the area is the Trailside Museum, which is set in a beautiful mid-1870s Victorian mansion. It features exhibits about local wildlife and also features hiking trails and nature programming. The museum was the first museum in the midwest.


The Illinois Department of Transportation is working to build a trail in the River Forest neighborhood. The plan has two phases: Phase one consists of engineering and design and Phase two involves permitting. The River Forest and Elmwood Park sections of the trail will undergo Phase 2 engineering in 2022 or 2023. The River Forest section of the trail will follow Thatcher Avenue and will eventually connect to a proposed path through Forest Park.

The Quad Cities portion of the trail is over 60 miles long and provides a continuous hard-surfaced path that is easy to navigate. The trail connects many neighborhoods, shopping districts, and parks. It also features scenic riverfront views. The Illinois and Iowa sections are part of the Illinois Quad Cities region.


The A.L.A. Oberly Memorial Award Committee is comprised of nine members. The committee meets once a year and has been a source of support to the library since it opened in 1885. Members serve as the library’s voice in community affairs and volunteer to improve library services.


The Spring House Walk in River Forest, Illinois is a unique opportunity to tour some of the city’s most historic houses. Each year, it takes place in late April and early May. The tour is designed to give visitors a better understanding of the history of these structures and the people who commissioned them. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the challenges that architects and their clients faced when designing these beautiful residential undertakings.

The walk will be a hybrid event, with some portions of the tour taking place outdoors and others taking place inside local homes. The walk will begin at Willard Elementary School at noon on May 5 and conclude at 5 p.m. All proceeds from the event will benefit the River Forest Historical Society, which operates the Oak Park River Forest Museum.

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