Things To Do In Onalaska Wisconsin

If you want to visit Onalaska, Wisconsin, you have a few options. The city sits on the Mississippi River, and is home to a trailhead for the Great River State Trail. It also has a brewery and a Go-Kart track.

Onalaska is a lake of the Mississippi River

Onalaska is strategically located in a beautiful area. The area features heavily wooded bluffs and scenic coulees. It is also close to the city of La Crosse. The city sits on Lake Onalaska, which merges with the Mississippi River. The city offers visitors a range of recreational activities.

The Mississippi River flows through Lake Onalaska, which is about seven hundred and eighty acres. The lake is located between La Crosse, Wisconsin, and La Crescent, Minnesota. The town was established in 1851, after a lumberman named Thomas G. Rowe laid out the town on a bluff overlooking the lake. Rowe chose the name for the town because of a poem by Thomas Campbell that he read in the 1800s. Lake Onalaska is a popular destination for boating, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The lake is also the perfect spot to enjoy fall foliage, which changes colors from late fall to winter.

Lake Onalaska is also home to several wildlife refuges. The Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge, which includes Lake Onalaska, covers two hundred and forty thousand acres and is about twenty miles long. Birdwatching is also popular here, with the opportunity to see bald eagles and tundra swans. Another wildlife refuge is the six-thousand acre Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge.

The lake also has abundant fish resources and is a refueling point for migrating birds and waterfowl. The water quality of the lake is outstanding, and the local residents enjoy fishing and swimming.

It has a trailhead for the Great River State Trail

The Great River State Trail in Wisconsin is a multiuse trail that stretches for 24 miles. It’s open to cyclists and pedestrians and is designed to follow the Mississippi River’s banks. The trail is mostly flat, paved with crushed stone, and is open to the public. You’ll find plenty of parking along the trail and restrooms along the route. The trail also connects to other bike trails in Wisconsin, such as the 400 Trail and the Omaha Trail.

Onalaska is a small town located north of La Crosse. This community was established around a lumber mill and is home to the historic Lumber Baron Inn, which was built by a lumber baron in 1888. Lake Onalaska is a lake formed when the Mississippi River and Black Rivers were dammed together. The city’s name comes from a poem by Thomas Campbell, which references a fishing village on an Aleutian island.

Along the trail, there are several sights to see. The Mississippi River Route passes through six towns. Nelson, for instance, is known for its ice cream parlor and its 12,000-acre wildlife refuge, while Pepin is home to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s cabin. A thriving artisan community and an upscale museum are other highlights. Nearby, you’ll find the Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge, which is located outside of Onalaska.

It has a Go-Kart track

Family Fun Attraction: This family friendly attraction features go-kart racing, batting cages, and a miniature golf course. The family-friendly atmosphere is sure to please every member of the family. On-site restrooms and concessions are available.

Riverside Amusement Park: Riverside Amusement Park offers softball, batting cages, and a Go-Kart track. Located just five minutes from Onalaska, this entertainment venue offers family fun for all ages. A unique feature of the facility is the 608 Brewing Company. Guests can sample a variety of drinks, including a unique signature beverage.

It has a brewery

The Onalaska Brewery in Onalaska Wisconsin was established in 1884. It is a small enterprise that brewed beer only for the local population. Its founder, Gabriel Knecht, emigrated to the United States from Germany in 1846 and later married Wilhelmina Hemel in Newark, New Jersey. He settled in Wisconsin in 1852. The 1860 census records him as a resident of Onalaska and a brewer. His widow later married M.G. Moore, and the brewery continued under the name of the new family. This pattern may have reflected both the tradition of brewing in Germany and the estate laws of 19th century Wisconsin. At that time, women were not supposed to be in charge of alcohol related businesses.

Visitors to Onalaska can taste a variety of Midwest ales at the Beer Shop. The brewery offers growlers and six packs for sale. The beer shop also offers a shuffleboard table and a large outdoor patio. Onalaska also has a nano-brewery known as the Skeleton Crew Brew, which offers a range of beers and wines.

It has a market

The market in Onalaska is classified as a Sellers’ Market, which means that homes are selling faster and for more money. There are few homes on the market, and demand for them is high. This means that buyers may be willing to pay a premium over the asking price if they want to purchase a home. In fact, more than 40% of the homes in Onalaska sold above the asking price last month.

It has a park

The city of Onalaska has a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. It has several park areas, a golf course, and other attractions. The town has a small amphitheater made of large limestone boulders, and an outdoor stage for live performances. There are also turf seating areas with decorative trellis. During the holidays, the town’s park area houses a 40-foot Christmas tree.

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