All About Bath Salt, Body Salts And Toxins

bath salt

All About Bath Salt, Body Salts And Toxins

Bath salts, also called seaweed products or Dead Sea salts, are water soluble, unicellular natural salts obtained from Dead Sea, located at the lowest elevation on Earth. They are claimed by many people to possess medicinal and therapeutic properties. They are also said to increase bathing experience, improve skin cleansing, help in the treatment of colds, Boost energy and concentration, and treat several respiratory ailments. In addition to these benefits, they are also believed to help one to overcome stress and anxiety and even assist in weight loss.

Like any other substance, bath salts addiction can be treated by professional help or through self-help or inpatient therapy. It is important to distinguish between the two kinds. For example, an individual who is suffering from an addiction to marijuana will exhibit withdrawal symptoms when he abandons using it. However, a person addicted to bath salts will not exhibit such withdrawal symptoms and is often able to continue their use with little or no difficulty. However, it should be noted that in case of addiction, complete abstinence from bath salts is the only solution to be able to curb its effects.

If you suspect yourself indulging in bath salt abuse, you must make an appointment with your physician for proper diagnosis. He may prescribe several medications to combat the problem such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. While these medications are very effective in curing the symptoms of bath salts misuse, they have very low success rates in curbing the overall bath salt addiction. This is because the root of the problem – psychological dependency – has not been cured.

Other medical treatments for bath salt addiction include synthetic narcotics like codeine and heroin. However, synthetic narcotics are only effective if the individual also suffers from another mental disorder or severe depression. Codeine is highly effective in controlling the symptoms of depression while heroin proves to be ineffective and addictive. Even prescription pills that contain synthetic hormones can prove to be highly addictive and dangerous if taken in massive doses.

At times, bath salts are also called dead succulent. What makes them dead in nature is the fact that they have no taste, scent or odor. In the medical community, this kind of substance is referred to as toxins due to their lack of any human benefit at all. Toxins usually find their source in either natural or artificial sources. Synthetic steroids derived from illegal drugs are the most common source of bath salts dead substances.

As mentioned earlier, bath salts have now been banned by several countries across the world. While the ban has significantly reduced the use of the substances, there are still several websites online that offer the same in the form of a synthetic substitute. Despite the ban, they have managed to expand their business and even create a new niche market. It is quite likely that in the next few years, these products will once again find their way into public houses and health clubs all over the world. The real bath salts, however, remain a mystery to drug users and pharmacists everywhere.

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